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“Not many of us are lucky enough to be able to follow in our father’s footsteps. Our recent find Brett “b3retta” Vasquez, who produces music under the name The Street Vendors, has a dad that has been making music for the last 30 years. Beretta seems to be putting in the same hard work and is on his way to a career as a working musician.”

Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru (Sep 02, 2019)

How You Want It? (Prod. King Mezzy)

King Mezzy produced an island vibe feel with this summer banger track called “How you want it?” and B3retta is gunning down all the haters. Island vibes and a reggaeton feel help to really solidify this track as a modern-day contender. Also, this song has a very Miami feel to it which would be perfect for any club on South Beach.

Fiji (Prod. Call Me G)

Whenever you hear a B3retta track you know it’s him. His raps are ferocious and channel many different elements of modern music. The best thing about B3retta’s music is the high production quality and value. Most of B3retta’s songs have an islandy chill feel because of the steel pan and synth effects. This song is an absolute banger and you need to go check B3retta out now! We reached out to B3retta for an interview and luckily he agreed.

- April 20th, 2022

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Day Off (Official Lyric Video)

A LOVE Featuring Mellow Man Ace & DJ Lebron WHY CINEMATIC TEASER

The Street Vendors JUMP

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The Street Vendors initially began as a Hip-Hop duo consisting of two up-and-coming lyricists from NYC. In 2016, The Street Vendors signed a deal with Top Stop Music and released their first single "Work." In 2019 Brett “b3retta” Vasquez began recording as a solo artist under The Street Vendors brand. Brett is the son of Angel Vasquez, a singer from the legendary freestyle group, TKA. Brett was born in New York City in the borough of the Bronx. His family originates from Puerto Rico. At age 13, he moved to Rockland County and went on to attend college at SUNY Plattsburgh to study TV/ Video Production. Brett has always had a passion for music and wished to follow in his father's footsteps. He was influenced by lyrical geniuses such as Busta Rhymes and Fabolous during his father's time managing the female artist, Lumidee in 2002. He was also inspired by late Bronx native Big Pun and Tupac Shakur but also contemporary artists like Drake, Roddy Rich, and Jack Harlow. He shared that he feeds off of the energy in the room and enjoys having his friends in the studio to create an ideal recording environment. The goal is to be set apart from the over-saturated rap pack with positive, feel-good music. Brett is currently working with other talented artists to grow his sound and infiltrate the music industry from all angles.

Johnny Curcio, a visionary producer and artist, embarked on a groundbreaking journey in 2023, collaborating with The Street Vendors to redefine music's essence. Teaming up with B3retta, they unveiled their inaugural masterpiece, 'Daddy's Always Home,' marking a new era in sonic innovation. With an unparalleled talent for crafting beats and melodies, Johnny infuses the vibrant street sound with his unique flair, elevating it to unprecedented heights. His dynamic compositions breathe fresh life into the genre, pushing boundaries and reshaping the landscape of contemporary music.

With their unique twist of positivity, Street Vendors are music makers that motivate and inspire, yet can definitely be appreciated and respected in the streets.

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